Apartment protection
Cost of equipment and installation
5999 UAH

Access fee from
от 250 UAH/month

Apartment security
What is included

Security Central (Orion, Dunai)
Motion Sensor
Door Opening Sensors (Mortise/Reverse Reed Switch/SMK)
External led



Your home will be safe and secure, and alarms – tech, stylish and easy to use.



Advantages over other alarm systems

  • Easy control from your smartphone
  • Full protection against intruders and failures
  • Careful protection against false alarms
  • Independence from the quality of communication
  • Up to 7 years without battery changing
  • Secure wireless connection with sensors up to 2 km

PROMOTION! The company KSB “VITYAZ” offers the cost of equipment and installation of security alarm AJAX at the price of basic sets of 5999 UAH
Access fee from 250 UAH/month



years on the market









Apartment modern alarm – reliable protection of your property!

Want to protect property from intruders? Want to prevent theft? To solve these problems, you need a modern alarm system for the apartment, which you can easily get with our offer. Our price of equipment for the apartment protection is affordable. We set apartment alarm in a short time. You can have a consultation and then make a choice.

Our guarantees

  • 1. Apartment protection in Kyiv is reliable, since we install modern equipment.
  • 2. Apartment protection is effective, since we have professionals.
  • 3. Apartment alarm, set by our installers, sends a signal instantly.

How are apartments in Kyiv protected?

If you need apartment protection, and Kyiv is the city where the housing is located, you should carefully study the types of alarms. Choosing a modern security system, pay attention to the features of its operation.

The main types of security systems:

– alarm for the apartment, which is triggered during a fire or flooding;
– CCTV system that protects the premises from robbery;
– access control system, which responds to apartment break-in.

If you need protection of apartments, and Kyiv is the city where the housing is located, then it is useful to find out where the signal goes from the alarm system.

Alarm for the apartment can be autonomous or remote. In the first case, when the alarm equipment is triggered, the notification comes to the landlord, and in the second, the organization providing security receives the signal.

What you need to know about the console security of apartments?

– Preparation for equipment installation

In order for apartment security to be effective, it is necessary to thoroughly prepare for the equipment installation. You need to contact the employees of the company, which offers protection of apartments in Kyiv. Experts, having observed the apartment in detail, will identify possible threats and risks. They will offer the client options for apartment protecting, so potential customer can choose one option.

– Equipment installation and connection to the apartment alarm console

Equipment installation is performed by experienced engineers. These works take several hours.

Alarm installation consists of several stages.

Firstly, the apartment plan is carefully drawn up, in particular the plans of the rooms where the equipment installation is planned.

Secondly, there are areas that need to be protected. Utility rooms, pantry, loggias, balconies are included.

Thirdly, the equipment is installed.

After the equipment installation is completed, the alarm system is connected to the console via a special GSM channel. A telephone line channel and a radio channel can also be used.

After connecting the equipment is tested.

In order for the apartment protection to be as reliable as possible, the Internet channel is used as a backup.

– Direct apartment protection

Apartment protection from intruders begins with the alarm setting. The method of setting depends on the type of equipment installed.

– Service maintenance

Apartments protection with the help of an alarm is relevant if intruders break in the premises, suddenly glass breaks or someone opens the front door. Then the motion sensors are triggered, and the signal, depending on the type of alarm installed, goes either to the phone to the landlord or to the security console. Modern sensors are compatible. Therefore, if you wish, you can always add a sensor that reacts to a change in temperature or the vibration.

When the alarm system for the apartment is installed, connected and tested, all household members need to know how the apartment is armed and how it can be disarmed.

To enable and disable the equipment, use the Touch Memory key, remote control or pin code. Each method has advantages and disadvantages. You should kmow them when apartment security is selected.

Where to order the installation of apartment alarm?

For several years, our company has been installing alarm systems for apartments. We guarantee that all equipment installation by our experienced specialists, is high-quality and reliable. Therefore, if you need protection of apartments in Kyiv, we will be happy to see you as our client. We guarantee the quality of services provided.

The cost of equipment, its connection and maintenance is available. You protect the property and at the same time save the family budget, cooperating with our company.

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