Checking the premises for the channels of information leakage


What is a wiretapping and why do you need to contact “VITYAZ”?

Modern technologies bring in our life not only a lot of comfort, but also significant threats. Obtaining any information illegally today is not a problem. Various technical means of extracting voice information, hidden surveillance video are available to almost everyone and are a powerful tool in obtaining important confidential information that will be used against you.

If any suspicion arises – for your calm, let us check the premises for wiretapping and protect you against it, just contact the company “VITYAZ”. Frequently, people do not even suspect that they have “friends” who want to know everything about them. For the time of our work, we have been convinced that this is not a rare case in the lives of entrepreneurs, public servants and even for ordinary individuals. In this regard, if you work in the area where important information can be used against you, your company, or it can be useful to for your competitors, we recommend you periodically check the premises for wiretapping (identifying information leakage).

Our 6 main methods of work

Detection of bugs is one of the activities of the security company “VITYAZ”. The hidden getting of information is possible, as a rule, with the help of small devices that are not visible to the human eye. The attackers put them in various places that are not possible to predict. It can also be your car, where a person feels safe. The process of identifying bugs requires special technical knowledge and skills. A key factor is the special expensive equipment for detecting bugs.

We use the following methods:

а) conducting radio monitoring in the room and assessing the availability of active means for unauthorized recording of information with its transmission over the radio channel;

b) search and localization of active radio devices of secret information recording;

c) search for unauthorized video facilities installed in this room;

d) watching of wired communications (220 V network, telephone lines, alarm lines, free wired lines) for the presence of means of hidden information recording on them;

e) search for passive means of secret information recording (disconnected, depleted its energy resources, sound recording means, etc.) using technical means of non-linear location) direct (visual) inspection, possible locations for installing information means of secret information

g) providing recommendations on the blocking of equipment for the secret collection of information.

What do we offer
Professional check of premises for the channels of information leakage

The security and detective company “VITYAZ” was founded by professionals who have a vast experience gained during the period of work in different units of the special services of Ukraine.

We also provide services:

Sale, installation and commissioning of technical means of information protection;

Verification of the effectiveness of protective equipment;

Development of recommendations for building a system of integrated information security;

Protection against vehicle tracking;

Protection of negotiations.

ИUsed machinery:

  • Noise generators
  • Telephone Protection Devices
  • Detectors of signals GSM, CDMA, 3G, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Wi-Max
  • Field Indicators and Radio Transmitter Detectors
  • Search complexes
  • Frequency counters
  • Inspection Technology
  • Protection of computers (from PEMIN)
  • Scanning Receivers
  • Nonlinear locators
  • Camcorder Detectors
  • Thermal imagers
  • Antennas

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