Console security

Security alarm system of apartments/houses from 360 uah

“VITYAZ” console protection of objects in Kyiv: you can have a rest – all under the supervision!

Under the console protection we mean a complex system of monitoring facilities through special equipment, controlled by the central console to prevent unauthorized intrusions, as well as timely response to emergency situations.

Who needs console security services?

Console security of objects is an affordable and effective means of protecting private and commercial property. We provide console monitoring of apartments, houses, kindergartens, schools and non-residential facilities (offices, shops, warehouses, public and cultural institutions, etc.).
Console security services for apartments, shops, schools, kindergartens and other facilities provided by specialists of our company include::

  • advice on the equipment choice that best meets the conditions of the object to be protected;
  • equipment supply, project creation, installation and maintenance of security systems;
  • implementation of security monitoring by calling the operator of the central console of the response team to the place of receipt of the alarm.

We guarantee high responsiveness

Console security

Console security of objects in Kyiv is a complex system, the effectiveness of which depends on the correct choice, the quality of the equipment used and the professionalism of the engineers who carry out its installation and maintenance.

But without prompt departure to the place of receipt of an alarm signal, the console protection of apartments and other objects will be useless. The Vityaz company has its own operational teams at its disposal, consisting of professionals ready to work in any non-standard situations, in addition, we cooperate with the Kyiv police department, which allows us to guarantee our clients a high responsiveness to any alarm signal.




Why you should choose our console security service:

  • vast experience in the industry – over 20 years;
  • we use only reliable high-tech equipment;
  • equipment supplied by us has the ability to work autonomously, with the power supply disconnected;
  • devices used by security systems have a modern design that fits any interior;
  • the presence of a professional engineering staff capable of high-quality installation of any complexity systems;
  • security guards are assigned with the complex problems’ solution and this contributes to their full responsibility for the organization of the object security;
  • round-the-clock monitoring of the object security with instant response to the incoming signal;
  • affordable cost of high-quality equipment and services.

Reliable equipment for security monitoring and its qualified service provides timely warning of any threats to the security of the facility with the subsequent response of a team of professionals whose actions are aimed at immediately eliminating the threat.

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